vaadin 14 BeforeEnterEvent.forwardTo is gone.

I’m upgrading a project from 13 to 14 beta 2.

The method:


Doesn’t appear to exist any more and I can’t see any doco on it.

I’m guessing it has been replaced with:


This should be listed as a breaking change.

The method still appears to be there for me, what version of com.vaadin:flow-server are you using?

Hi. I wonder what is going on with your project - the method has not been removed in 14.

No such change has been made. I’m seeing 6 different overloads forwardTo that are all inherited from [BeforeEvent]

I’ve sometimes seen some similar “fake” disappearances when my IDE has failed to properly index updated classes. They usually go away after rebuilding, clearing caches or in some cases removing all IDE metadata and importing the existing sources again.

sorry, it was a gradle dependancy issues. I managed to pull in a 10.x version of vaadin as well as 14.x hence the reversion.