Vaadin 14.1.27 -> Vaadin 14.2.1: Dialog: Scrolling don't work anymore


With Vaadin 14.2.x in a dialog box the content isn’t scrollable anymore.

Can you fix.



Hi Manfred

I’m not sure if it ever was scrollable out-of-the-box, are you using a layout with overflow: auto; like [VerticalScrollLayout]
( already?
Does your content have a definite height?

Edit: looks like you’re not the only one having this issue:,

Is there a workaround for this one before the release of 14.2.2 ?

Same problem here. I would say that this issue has something to be with the new draggable property in dialogs. I think that it is taking the drag events instead of scroll inside the dialog.

None responses from development team yet. Maybe this issue would be in GitHub.