Vaadin 13 vs Vaadin 10..Which one after the release of 14?

I kinda got confused with all the Versioning that is happening on the Flow so my question is this:

I have an application that runs the latest 13 version. Now the 13 version will not be updated (since the 14 is out and it is LTS)… fair enough…
What should someone do instead of moving to the 14 version?

a) Keep the latest 13 version and hope for the best?

b) Move to 10 version which has 5 years LTS? Does the 10 version of Flow contains all the enhancements of the 13 version so basically the latest 10 version is the same as the latest 13 version?


I’m curious about the reason you can’t move to 14. Can you elaborate on that?
Vaadin 10 doesn’t have all the features in 13.

The reason is mostly time… for now (and the next 3 months) there is no time for me to move to 14 (and test everything up - update all modules, polymer 3 etc etc) Although a test migration I did worked just fine but you know…!

My main question is mostly about the versioning system.
When the V10 versioning started from what I understood was that the V11,V12,V13 would be something like a testbench and that all the features would migrate to V10 once they were stable.

So I guess that in case I move to V14 and the V15 comes out, the V14 would stay -stable- and the V15 would be more updated with new features…!

How someone chooses the version for his application? 3 months support but new features (V15) or 5 years support and is what it is (V14)(but you get security fixes/updates)?

You can always move from Vaadin 13 to Vaadin 14 in compatibility mode, which means you don’t need to worry about Polymer 3 or npm stuff. The compatibility mode will be supported just as long as the rest of V14, so you can take your time with the migration (or just not do it, up to you).

Vaadin 14 is going to stay stable and receive bug fixes, but you will also get things like feature updates to components, as long as the changes are compatible. The new features will be delivered in minor releases of V14, the next one being V14.1.

Vaadin 15 is going to be a bit different and experimental. You probably don’t want to move to it with your production application immediately, but instead stay with 14.x as long as you need. There will be some interesting new features that you might be interested in trying out, but you should probably target the next LTS for your production app if you want to take those features into use.