Vaadin 13 browser inconsistency with flex box?

Hi All,

I’ve been going through the layouting tutorial and found the first exercise to behave differently in all three browsers, at first I though I was doing something wrong but it turns out the browsers all behave differntly with flexbox and flexbox scrolling!

This may be old news to verteran web developers, I’m in the process of evaluating Vaading Pro for my organization and was wondering if there is a work around for these issues.

Please see attachments, Chrome is the only browser that seems to work correctly. Firefox set the scroll to the whole page, while Safari didnt’ even render the content to grow, etc.

Please feel free to school me on these compatiblity issues or point me to some place vaadin helps resolves these browser discripencies for production code.

Also are these issues prevailent in other versions of Vaadin?