Vaadin 11 released

Vaadin 11 is available now. The main feature in the free open-source side is the support for Gradle in Flow applications. If you are a Pro or Prime user there are two new components (CookieConsent and ConfirmDialog) and a new version of Vaadin Charts. See more details at

Hi Alejandro,

Not sure why! but how long will it take you to implement Java API Date and Time component for Vaadin 11 and so on?

Bower and NPM I wont be using.

Seems daft not to have this feature already, and your solo time component is also not Java API.


It seems DatePicker will be available in Vaadin 13. You can see [this]
( and more in the [Vaadin Roadmap]

Hi All Hope u are doing good i need some Clarity If be considered as a Platform As A Service?

Do Share Ur comments Cheers!!

Hi Suraj
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