Vaadin 10, Spring, with Auth0 or Okta widgets

Hi All.

Can anyone help me.

I’m trying to work out how (if possible) to use either Auth0 or Okta Widgets for security in a Vaadin 10, Spring application?

Hi John,

have you been successful so far?

You probably found

in the meanwhile?


Hello John, Enver and other :slight_smile:

do you have a solution to implement okta widget in vaadin?
It works for us without sign in widget, but as soon as we implement sign in widget we get errors.
we get authorization_request_not_found after user logged in.
We can see redirect response from okta. request/response looked good, but in browser the error authorization_request_not_found is occurs.

@Enver: you posted the link to johannest/Auth0Demo. But I couldnt see any okta advises in this project.

any advises?

@Eugen: no, sorry. I am not aquainted with Okta. Your original question was either/or – and yes it is possible to use Auth0 rather easily. I did not try Okta nor do I know what it is at this time.