Vaadin 10: Spring boot expiredURL not working

Hi all…I have “Vaadin 10 with Spring Boot” application that I have taken from Vaadin 10 flow starter-application. I want to allow user to access application from one place at a time. So I used maximumSessions(1). Example, from Chrome browser I have logged in with user “XYZ”. Now with the same user (i.e. “XYZ”) I tried to login to Opera browser. So as per configuration shown below, it will expire session of Chrome browser but it is not redirecting to “/login”. It shows message “Invalid JSON response from Server”. Any help would be appreciated!!!.Below is the Spring security configuration:

protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
    // Not using Spring CSRF here to be able to use plain HTML for the login page

            // Register our CustomRequestCache, that saves unauthorized access attempts, so
            // the user is redirected after login.
            .requestCache().requestCache(new CustomRequestCache())

            // Restrict access to our application.
            // Allow all flow internal requests.

            // Allow all requests by logged in users.
            // Configure the login page.

            // Register the success handler that redirects users to the page they last tried
            // to access
            .successHandler(new SavedRequestAwareAuthenticationSuccessHandler())

            // Configure logout

P.S. I asked the same question on stackoverflow (