Vaadin 10 Flow vs Angular/React


I am using Vaadin for my projects since Vaadin 6. But now the new Vaadin 10 Flow seems to be running quite slow. The components are very good looking but they respond slowly especially when the user first interacts with them. Why is that? I know Java introduces a new layer but what are the main advantages of using Vaadin Flow when there are faster frameworks like Angular?

Thank you very much!


Do you have an example of “slow” app or usecase (which is faster if you write it in angular/react) ?

I have downloaded one of the starter packs from Vaadin Flow. And when I click some buttons it seems to me to respond pretty slow. I didn’t use Angular/React but I hear from persons who work with it that it is faster than Vaadin. To be honest I am a fan of Vaadin, but doesn’t it seem to you that when you click buttons, components it responds with a delay?

I don’t use angular as a developer that’s why I asked my question.

The starter pack (and I also created an application from this starter pack) is not slow. I tried PWA pro starter pack without vaadin flow and Full stack pro app with Vaadin 10. And I don’t feel the difference.

But I think by default Vaadin flow will be slower than pure JS app.
For example (in my opinion):

  • to validate a field in Vaadin you will call a Java validator (from client you call the server then wat for response)
  • to validate in angular, you will call a client javascript function.
    (you can also validate your field with javascript in Vaadin but I’m not sure if it’s the “best” way)

Thank you very much for the answer!

I confirm.
Vaadin 8 is fast and the gui is really reactive.

Vaadin 10/11 is very very slow. Desktop or mobile is equals… From click to show result elapse too much time.

The server is power and the network is a LAN. Monitoring i found that the server rrsponde fast… Idem the net. I think is a render problem of new web components