Vaadin 10 build Offline Production Mode.

I need to build Vaadin 10 project for Production Mode in an offline environment. We have a local JFrog artifactory where Node & Yarn dependencies are available. While running the maven command “mvn package -PproductionMode” build get hanged at

 --- flow-maven-plugin:1.4.2:package-for-production (default) @ Myproject ---
 The translated URL 'frontend://bower_components/vaadin-upload/theme/lumo/vaadin-upload-file.html' has no corresponding file on the filesystem, the file is addressed by path='/home/jenkins/workspace/as-uma-content_feature_init-OQ5RS5AXMLNS2H4ZEUFIJZPU2BGHZQUNCHQLVW6E3ZGFDCI6HD2A/target/frontend/bower_components/vaadin-upload/theme/lumo/vaadin-upload-file.html'
 Node v8.11.1 is already installed.
 Yarn 1.6.0 is already installed.
 Installing required frontend tools to '/home/jenkins/workspace/as-uma-content_feature_init-OQ5RS5AXMLNS2H4ZEUFIJZPU2BGHZQUNCHQLVW6E3ZGFDCI6HD2A/target'
 Running '**yarn install**' in /home/jenkins/workspace/as-uma-content_feature_init-OQ5RS5AXMLNS2H4ZEUFIJZPU2BGHZQUNCHQLVW6E3ZGFDCI6HD2A/target
 yarn install v1.6.0

Note: I have referred this article “” for Yarnpkg offline mirror.

FYI, Node and Yarn dependency are getting resolved from local JFrog artifactory.

Is there a way to configure yarnpkg dependency offline? like instead of command “yarn install” it should run “yarn install -offline”


Is there a way in Vaadin maven goal “package-for-production” to configure “yarn install -offline”?

Note: I have configured offline mirror of Yarnpkg in an internal JFrog artifactory.