VaadimCRM deploy on WildFly


i’m a beginner with vaadim and have tried to follow the vaadim guide to cover the basics

my problem is that i’m not familiar with amazon AWS and i would like to deploy the “vaadim CRM” on a wildfly application server

since the mvn instruction (which prepares the package for deploy) generates a jar file. i can’t see how to deploy the “vaadim CRM App” on my wildfly

Thank you in advance for your help



Did you try to change the package from jar to war?

Here is the documentation:


thank you for your answer.

it helped me to generate a war file

unfortunately, i’m using Wildfly application server and it seems that the web-inf/web.xml is mandatory in this case (i’m getting an error “forbidden” when trying to access the webapp after a deploy)

is there a way to produce this file automaticaly?

Many thanks again


I’ve got a working application on wildfly 20 without any web.xml in my war application. I don’t have any problem to deploy it.
Do you have any security configuration or an error ?

Here you have an example of a web.xml:


i’m using wildfly 19 and i can’t see any error in the logs

i did some research and i can see some suggestions to add an index.html to the war

do we need an index.html in the vaadim war?

Thanks for your help

i’m attaching the war to this post so that you can have an idea
18348966.war (33.8 KB)