V8 w/compatibility Table lazy load broken scroll positioning on Firefox

I’m using Vaadin 8.7.2, Valo theme, compatibility mode, Firefox browser 66.0.3.

My old V7 Table will lazy load rows correctly under Safari and Chrome, but on Firefox, when the lazy load takes place, it changes the scroll position, making it very hard to select a given “middle row”.

The only workaround now is for me to set the page length to the container size so no lazy loading takes place.

WebBrowser wb = Page.getCurrent().getWebBrowser();
// Firefox seems to mess up lazy loading
if ( wb.isFirefox() )

In the attached .mov file, you can see the odd movement as I’m just scrolling up and down using my trackpad. Note I’m trying to find documents starting with “M” and when it gets there, it tends to mix up the position.

It looks like 8.8.2 resolved this issue.