V8 Grid: Disable jumping to focused cells

Hello community,

I have a Vaadin 8 Grid and want to prevent it from jumping to the focused cell.
To make clear what I mean: If a cell is partially visible and I click on it, it will be focused and the grid will scroll so the now focused cell is fully visible. This scrolling is what I mean by “jumping”.

It is especially annoying since I chose not to visualize the cell selection because the data is read only so the user will not understand why the grid jumps around when clicking on an area that happens to be a partially shown cell.

Is there a way to prevent the grid from doing this?
(Maybe by disabling the whole focusing in the grid or just by preventing the jumping)

For anyone who reads this while searching for a way to disable the visualization of the focus, this can be done in the CSS by the following rule:
.v-grid-cell-focused:before {
display: none !important;


There is ticket about this in GitHub


One very harsh way to accomplish this is to set style generator which disables pointer events. May not be what you want generally, but could fit in some applications.

In your code

grid.setStyleGenerator(item -> { return "disable-events";});

And your theme

 .disable-events {
    pointer-events: none;