V7:TreeTable Issue - how to get file name instead of id ?

Hi guys,

I have a tree table attached to the uploader component. My uploader does the uploading of the files to the server very neatly however when the files are uploaded I am getting file “id” instead of file name.

Because after the upload I can get hold of the uploaded file either as a File object or a byte, depending on the needs. But I don’t know how to get File name since the uploaded files on tree table is parameterized.

Would you please advise me how to return file name instead of id? From the code snippet below, it does show the file name notification, though!

I wonder why the tree table components get the id instead of real file name.

manager.getUploader().addFileUploadedListener(new Plupload.FileUploadedListener()
public void onFileUploaded(PluploadFile file)
Notification.show("I’ve just uploaded file: " + file.getName());