v-leaflet LTileLayer coordinates offset


I’m using custom tiles with LTileLayer. TMS true as the first tile is the bottom left corner. I have a problem that the whole map is somehow offset to the SouthWest by a large amount. The coordinates are as follows:

top left: -36.5, -180

bottom left: -85, -180

top right: -36.5, 23

bottom right: -85, 23

Is there any particular reason why the map is offset this way, and can I adjust it somehow? The tiles are not my own, I use the ones from
for testing. The map is a navigation map from IL-2 Sturmovik simulator.

The tiles were available for download also (https://github.com/gavincabbage/tiles.il2missionplanner.com/tree/master/dist/kuban)
…so I tested them by copying them under VAADIN/themes and set the URL accordingly, but same result.

Okay, noobie stuff. Crs.Simple is what I needed. But now I’m having a new problem: the tiles on Y(north/south)-axis are reversed and TMS true/false doesn’t seem to do anything. Is there a way to reverse the axis, other than reversing the file names of all the y-axis images?

Quickly wrote a script that does exactly that (reverses the Y-axis order), but somehow the result doesn’t work. When zooming in, the next zoom level is more to the south than the lower zoom level. Not understanding the tile system well enough to figure what is wrong…

Okay, solved the issue by regenerating the tiles with gdal2tiles-leaflet:


It works now :slight_smile:

Sorry for a late response, but great to hear you got it working!

By reading this thread, I’d guess the tms option has a regression and it is not taken into consideration. I’ll try to remember to look into this next time when I open the project.