v-leaflet draw, is it possible to detect delete layers button state.

Is it possible to detect if ‘Delete layers’ is active?
something like ‘draw:deletestart’ in js.

I created LeafletClickListener which open new subwindow on click and this action is not desirable when deleting elements from map.

Thanks a lot
I am using Vaadin 7.3.3


I don’t remember that there would be such a feature, but I’d guess it should be pretty easy to do that kind of feature to the add-on. If you deside to try that or just fill and enhancement issue, go to
project. I split the Leaflet.Draw related stuff to that recently.

I’ll most likely focus my largest efforts to Leaflet.Editable based add-on in the future. It is pretty cool and supports more advanved features. There you wouldn’t have this issue as there is no toolbar, but the one you implement with Vaadin :slight_smile:


yeah, Leaflet.Editable looks very promising ;).
I resolved my problem with simply workaround in app logic. I added checkbox for ‘edit mode’ which show/hide edit panel and remove/add LeafletClickListeners.