v-leaflet and v-leaflet-draw version

i’m using v-leaftlet 1.0.0-b5 with v-leaftlet-draw 0.61, but i can’t draw feature.
Is there a workaround o i must use previuosly version of v-leaftlet ?


The LeafletJS 1.0 was such a large change that older version of draw don’t work with it. I haven’t followed the development of Draw extension, but probably it has 1.0 compatible branch, it would just require updating g-leaflet-draw and v-leaflet-draw to latest 1.0 branch. Should be pretty easy to do.

So far I haven’t had that much hurry with this as

a) you can still use the pretty good pre 1.0 series
b) I have personally switched to v-leaflet-editable, which is similar in nature, has more advanced polygon support, but don’t contain “draw toolbar”. Instead with it you’ll build the needed drawing UI yourself and initiate e.g. new vector creations programmatically. This suits much better for my apps.

If you want to try updating the draw module, give it a try. If you face some problems just let me know, if it works, just send me a pull request and I’ll cut a new version of it.


Ok, now i’m switched to v-leaftlet-edit, do you have any suggestions for drag functionalities?

What do you mean by drag functionalities?

Drag a polygon or rectangle on the map. Somethings like this http://w8r.github.io/Leaflet.draw.drag/example/

Ah, ok. I have never needed anything like that, so I’m no sure if it is possible in Leaflet.Editable. Did you just try activating the edit mode? You could look into the actual JS plugins docs/sources at https://github.com/Leaflet/Leaflet.Editable if there is such a feature in it. If there is, is should be fairly easy to create the Java API for it as well.