Using Vaadin with Play 2.0

Hello, I would like to know, if it is possible to use Vaadin with Play 2.0 framework. It has it’s own webserver, but it is not integrated into Eclipse, so it is not possible to choose it during Vaadin project creation. Maybe there are some ways to get Vaadin working with Play 2.0?

Play 2.0 uses
as its built-in web server and Netty doesn’t support Servlet API which Vaadin uses. So, in order to use Vaadin and Play 2.0 together, there should be a “Netty adapter for Vaadin” which could be implemented so that code from
and related classes is copy-pasted and modified so that Netty API is used instead of Servlet API.

Another approach (and actually better from Play’s point of view) might be to use APIs provided by Play 2.0 instead of Netty API (see
wiki page) and create a “Play 2.0 adapter for Vaadin”. I think that former approach needs a custom version of Play, latter should work with a vanilla Play 2.0 version.



I would be interested to see if this could be done, except with Lift… :slight_smile:

I’m also looking for this combination: Scala/Play 2.0 + Vaadin 7. To me, these are/will be the most elegant web frameworks based on Java. I have never thought of anything in the Java world as elegant until I read the docs on the Scala templates and controllers.

yes, high-traffic pages (like a shop) implemented in Play combined with rich pages (like a back office) implemented in Vaadin

We are also interested in this combination !!!

I found this GitHub project:
It works but it’s not maintained :frowning:

Paul, that sums it up. Play is very elegant. They’ve done an amazing job of blending a lot of technologies and providing amazing power not to mention performance all while keeping everything simple and logical. I am always leary of assertion based stuff and code gen. Play works great though. A real joy to develop within.