Using Vaadin with OSGi and Servlet Bridge


I’m new to the whole OSGI thing and vaadin. I’m trying to build a modular webapp based on OSGi. My problem is finding a Framework for building the UI. Unfortunately I’m forced to use tomcat as application server.
I’m using equinox within a tomcat via the servlet bridge[1]
and now I want to know if vaadin works together with this setup, especially with the servlet bridge?
Perhaps somebody has experience with that.


Hello Kay

Unfortunately, I have no experience with the tools you’re using. I’m using Glassfish 3.1.1/OSGi/Vaadin 6.8.

However, the usage is very straightforward. The most usual approach is to extend your own servlet from AbstractApplicationServlet, and register it using the utility class org.osgi.service.http.HttpService.

These links may be useful for your research:

About Vaadin+OSGi:

About OSGi itself:

I hope this help you. Like you, I’m also getting used to Vaadin/OSGi.


Hi Marcond,

thank you for your reply. My Problem is that all those Examples are working on a native OSGi container. I can’t change the underlying server so that my only chance is the servlet bridge from equinox.