Using Vaadin with AnyLogic

AnyLogic is a simulation software you can find in [AnyLogic]
but i wonder since it’s a java framework if it’s possible to use Vaadin with it.

Who wants to discover if it’s possible? :slight_smile:

Based on a quick look (and without any previous experience), looks like AnyLogic is a mostly standalone platform to create and visualize simulations, where you can write your own Java code implement the more complicated cases. You could probably interact with UI-less AnyLogic models from a Vaadin app with some effort (see ) and embed AnyLogic Cloud GUIs inside Vaadin apps using iframes, but a feature-full deep interaction sounds like a difficult task. I’m guessing you’d probably need to create a whole new presentation layer.


Olli, yes, you could in fact do that, but what I really want is to use the vaadin components in the user interface of AnyLogic… AnyLogic is an Eclipse-based application, but you can’t create a Maven project as explained in the vaadin tutorial… so I have no idea what to do or if it’s possible…

Probably not. With Vaadin (8 or 10+), you build web applications. That’s quite different from Eclipse-based applications.