Using Vaadin Framework


I’ve created open source Business Process Management solution using Vaadin Framework for UI and Bonita BPM as an engine. Now it’s easy to create amazing UI-forms for Human-Tasks and load them as JAR files to Application server.
It works and seems very pretty.

If someone is interested in this solution, you can find it at
and email me if have any questions.

Thanks a lot to Vaadin Team.
Marat Gubaidullin

Please take some screenshots - it would be really interesting to see how it looks.

A few screenshots.

Task List

Task List with Help panel


ACL Management

Loan Application Form

Looks great.

Hi Marat !

Looks very nice and also Im glad to see another Russian Vaadin user here ! :slight_smile:

Hello Colleagues,

I’ve published installation instructions and all needed files.

Now you can test the solution.

All the best.


You do not need Oracle Database anymore :wink:
Now available H2Database version.

Marat Gubaidullin

Hello Marat!

How i can communicate with you? There are some questions under your project.
Thank you.

Hello Andris,

please contact me via email

All the best.

Hello Marat,

I would suggest to release Processbase as an appliance.
A good start could be this Turnkey core Linux appliance on which to install Glassfish / Bonita / Vaadin / Liferay

That would be a great way for testers & developers to use it in a virtual environment or even deploy it in a production environment.