Using Vaadin AddOns

Hello everyone,

I tried to use a Vaadin AddOn by adding the depency needed to the pom.xml of my project. I then compiled a Widgetset, cleaned the project and made a Maven Install… but the jars are not downloaded and I can’t use the AddOn.

I tried to follow the guidelines on the vaadin website, but nothing worked so far. When I update the project and use Maven install… no source from the add-on repositroy are downloaded, not matter which one I try.

Am I missing a simple point here?

Hi Tobias,

Do you have the addons repository in your pom.xml?


<id>vaadin-addons</id> <url></url> </repository> If you created the project using a maven archetype it should be there already, otherwise you need to add it.

If this doesn’t fix the issue could you provide the output log of the maven install?

Hope this helps,