Using tinymce or ckeditor on modal windows

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to use these add-ons on modal windows but i am not able to click on any submenu from these add-ons (choose color, search) when this submenu is implemented on a floating div. I think that the modal window is disabling any click interaction with elements that are NOT on its window region.

In my opinion only interactions with windows below the modal should be disabled. Is there any workaround for this, where i can mantain the modal but also use flaoting divs originated from the modal?


Oddly, I’m glad tinymce has this issue too since we reported this for ckeditor last June, but it seems nobody in the vaadin forums has an answer or even a debugging plan.

Of course, we never opened a vaadin ticket, so perhaps that needs to be done. I once thought it had to do with ckeditor’s modal window opening in a vaadin modal window, but if tinymce has it too, there must be something common going amiss with the interaction to vaadin’s modal logic.

Here’s the issue on the ckeditor component site, though we have “nearly given up” trying to fix it from our end:

TinyMCE has an advantage on CKEditor, most operations are on browser windows and not floating divs… but if you want to choose a foreground color it uses a small floating div where I cant click on modal windows. I guess if TinyMCE had some sort of combobox for that it would temporarily solve the issue.


Here’s the solution:

And, browser popups are bad.