Using the Hosted Mode without tomcat.

Hi there,

is there a way to use ITMill with the gwt hosted mode without deploying in tomcat?


You have to have the backend code running in some servlet -container (for example in tomcat), but you can run the frontend in hosted-mode. For development I usually use sysdeo tomcat plugin in the backend as it handles code modifications without restarts nicely and hosted-mode in the frontend when developing new ui components.

If you’re developing client-side stuff (gwt), you do not usually have to restart tomcat; just hit reload in the hosted mode browser, and the client-side will be running your new code.

Also, here are some personal opinions:
I don’t use the hosted mode browser unless it’s really needed (i.e using the debugger) - it’s IMO slow and lacks features (firebug etc). So when developing server-side code I use my regular browser, when developing client-side code I use the hosted mode browser selectively.

It’s a personal preference, though.
But the bottom line is: you need to run the server-side code in a servlet container to get the ui started at all.


I agree with your opinion Marc, my problem is that my team is thinking that using only the hosted browser is faster for development. But we only made some simple applications in GWT, the way we started to increase the application size, complex and addons like GWT-ext, the simple “refresh to deploy” the application in the Hosted Browser started to get a little slower to deploy.

I’m starting to think of the Hosted Mode more like a debug…!

thanks again.