Using @hilla/form in a standalone Lit 2.0 app

We want to use @hilla/form in our application that is built using Lit 2.0, and we wanted to know if we can use this library without the Java(backend) part.
We already have an API built with node, and the application contains a lot of our custom components,
so we really just need a library that would supercharge our massive forms to make it easier to work with.
I would appreciate any insight here. Thanks in advance.

If you mean Binder? It could be partially usable out of Hilla context. The Binder is using validators generated by our Java to TypeScript generator, which picks JSR-303 validation annotations and creates corresponding TypeScript validators for it to use. But Binder has also option to use custom validators, and that may work. You naturally need to define the object types yourself etc.

Here is an example of custom validator setting hilla-demo/frontend/views/list/contact-form.ts at master · TatuLund/hilla-demo · GitHub

And here is the actual validator: hilla-demo/frontend/util/validators.ts at master · TatuLund/hilla-demo · GitHub

But just noting, I have not tried what you are attempting to do myself, so it will be exploratory work for you.