Using Dynamic Finders in Vaadin for Roo

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I’m new to Vaadin and I´ve installed Roo. The problem is I´m trying to add Roo “finders” to an Entity but the UI is not updated with the new Dynamic finder. o ex

There is no option to execute a find with “findToppingsByNameLike”.

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Hi George,

Please see the post and sample code at

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Chee Kin

Dynamic finders are currently not supported directly by the commands of the Vaadin addon for Roo, but this can be circumvented by either creating the view by hand or by generating a view and modifying it a little.

For almost any real-world application, you would need to write custom views anyway (based on the Roo generated back-end and possibly also Roo generated UI classes), as was done in the example of the first reply which also adds Liferay to the stack.