Using custom ListSelect cell renderer

Is it possible to have a custom cell renderer with ListSelect.

What I want is the same as what Swing provides with Custom Cell Renderer.

I want to create a master-detail component that looks like the screenshot attached. (This is done in Swing)

Looks like you could use a Table that would contain Labels with html/css formatted content.

I was waiting for an official answer, but indeed I think that ListSelect is rendered to a native browser component, so customization is limited (even the CSS customization is limited). A useful component, but quite plain.

Table is much more powerful, I can testify you can put complex components in the cells with reasonable speed and not so much work.
Representing tri-dimensional data in a grid
where I show the result of my work: the last October message shows two table rows split in multiple sub-rows. One crucial trick for speed is to set the cache rate to 2 divided by the number of sub-lines per row, to avoid rendering too much lines to HTML.

Thank you guys for your responses. Guess I’ll have to go the table way, after all.