users/roles/permissions... and more!


Do you guys know any example where I can see authentication/authorization used with vaadin?

I need something like this:

User → belogs to a → Group
Group → has many → Permissions

What I want to achieve is for instance:

If the
X belongs to
Y then the user can see just a,b,c menus…

Hope you can understand me.

Thanks in advance

Take a look at the
add-on and especially its

At least some users build on Spring Security to implement this - doing authentication etc. with Spring security and then asking it for roles, permissions etc. when deciding what to show.

There are examples using Spring security in Vaadin applications (google for “vaadin spring security” or search on the forum), although most of them do not go into detail about what to do after the initial authentication, and do not provide customized versions of the Spring security authentication processing and exception translation filters that would make such use more seamless. There would be room for a nice integration library with such filters and possibly links to view management, but I haven’t had the time to dig deeper into this.

@Henri Sara:

Thanks for answering… In fact Spring Security (aka Acegi) is what I want to integrate in my application…
Spring Security manages roles and all those things…

I will look for any example out there, maybe some of them helps me to achieve my requirement.

@Kim: Have you used, personally, the appfoundation… it is stable and functional?

p.s → a very good link:

Yes, I’ve used AppFoundation, as I am the author of the add-on :slight_smile: The add-on is fairly stable, there haven’t been any major changes in a while. I would believe it to be functional and if you find there is room for improvement, I’m more than happy to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement. AppFoundation is currently the third most downloaded add-on, with over 900 downloads. The add-on is extensively tested, unit tests covering over 96% of the code base.

@Kim Leppänen:

I am looking at this project right now and really looks promising…
Be sure that I will test it and will provide feedback in order to make it better!

Thanks a lot. Now I can see this community is very active, one strong point for Vaadin.