Use websocket and push changes on all active users browser Vaadin 8.2.1


Suppose there are 20000+ users running my application.

I want to run 1 websocket which will provide me updated data,
after this I want to update all users UI pages.

How can I use vaadin websocket client to get message from socket server and push all changes to all active users browser ?

  1. I want to use only one websocket at application level.
  2. After getting data from socket I want to push data to all active user browser.

Please provide me any idea how can I implement this scenerio ?

WebSocket is a different protocol than HTTP. The difference between HTTP and WebSocket is that the later provides full-duplex communication. In web development, WebSockets are used to iniciate a “conversation” form the server-side, usually, to update the UI. See [this video]
( and [this section]
( of the documentation to see how it works.