Use Touchkit Components in Normal Vaadin 7 App / Touch events


I´m building a normal Desktopapplication for a Customer.

Now they want some Tablet-additions like a DatePicker instead of DateField.

Is it able to use Touchkit components in a normal Vaadin 7 app ?

I also have lots of Tables with double click events and context-menus (right-click).

How to listen to double click / right click on a touch device?

thanks for your answers

Does nobody know if it´s possible to use e.g. DatePicker in a non-Touchkit UI?

I now found out how it works on my own.

You have to add ivy-dependency of touchkit and change VaadinServlet to TouchKitServlet.

Than you have to create your own ThemeLoader-Impl and override the load-method and leave the method empty (no super.load() ).

Then in the widgetset xml-File write e.g.

and then you can use touch components in your desktop-app.

Well, the main problem is that TouchKit only supports mobile browsers, or more exactly WebKit-based browsers and IE in TouchKit 4. With others, it may work or may not. But of course, if your users are in a single organization and only use, say Chrome, there’s no problem.