Use ITMILL's client library with GWT

Hello all,

We’re evaluating technologies to build our RIA. Right now, our prototype is built with SmartGWT but there are a lot of complications and frustrations with that library and we’re looking for possible alternatives.

Our server end is not written in Java so we’re pretty much looking for a nice widget library with reasonable interoperability via JSON. From the manual I’ve read online, ITMILL requires the setup of a servlet container. I’m sure I don’t have to unless I’m using a servlet backend, but it’s not clear how to compile and deploy without a servlet container. Also, is there something like GWTShell, where you can debug on byte code? Is there a compile command? Obviously I have some manual to read but I’d appreciate it a lot if someone can give me a general overview of how it ties into GWT.

The library seems amazing. Keep up with the good work! Thanks,

IT Mill Toolkit is meant to be programmed with Java on server-side. Althought it supports extensions on client-side, using it only on client-side would probably be a bad idea for now.

If you want to use IT Mill Toolkit - you must change your plan on not having any server-side Java.

Yup, server-side it is.

There has been talk from the beginning to make our client-side widgets self-contained in a way that you could use them separately, but the API’s and architecture is not nearly there yet.

So Toolkit ties into GWT only on the client-side (of course). We use GWT to render the widgets, but all UI logic is programmed on the server. Then Ajax is used to tie these two together.

And thanks for the praises! :slight_smile: