use filtringTable

I want to use the add-on filtringTable but I want to make changes to the filter fields.
For example:

  • Hide the filter for columns that I determined.
  • Text field that only accepts numeric.
  • Another criteria.
    Is this possible with this add-on?
    If it’s yes how?
    Thank you for your help.

it is not possible?

All the methods creating the fields are private, so it not as easy as it could be. There should definitely be an interface for doing that like there is for decorators and generators.

In the mean time, you can make a copy of, and modify the behaviour of createField(Object property, Class<?> type) and related methods.

thank you Jens
the idea of ​​class copy and change is not bad.
except that it does not work because of widgetset.
you may have to recompile the widgetset with the new class.
but I do not know how.
is what you can tell me more.
thank you for your help.

The compilation is exactly the same as it was when you took an add-on (FilteringTable) into you project. You just have to do that again. If you are using eclise, then there is a button for it in the top bar for compiling, and it will also notify when it thinks that you should compile. May be that you don’t have to compile at all as you are only changing the server side.

thank you Jens Jansson
Your help was very helpful.
I managed to make my own filter with different criteria I want