Usage of Hibernate without any Add-ons (vaadin 6.8.)

Hi all,

currenlty i use the eclipselink2.4 to realize all persistent operations (yet vaadin 6.8.x). My Application
extends the com.vaadin.Application and implements com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.HttpServletRequestListener.
In the
method will be
one time
created the javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory instance (i use the boolean trigger to determinate, whether this instance was already creaded.

If it is needed to save/delete/change operations, that can be initiated on the Vaadin GUI, the helper class will be call, to do it. The entityManagerFactory will be get ( The ThreadLocal pattern is used for
to get this entityManagerFactory )

Now i want to migrate to the hibernate. First of all i read this hibernate documentation to avoid the antipaterns trap and other bad smalls

I found some addons like hibcontainer, but i don’t use that. Furthermore i look at the

com.vaadin.service.ApplicationContext.TransactionListener interface, but i would be don’t use that too.

Is it correct, if i will be realize the persistence using the hibernate like the approach, described above for EclipseLink having regard to the hibernate documentation??

Or the realization of TransactionListener is a Must-Have??

Thanks a lot for your answers!