URL with differnet parameter typed in new tab of browser


I want to access particular page of application based on parameter in URL.
Step1: When user for first time user enters the URL with some parameter the respective page of application is displayed.
Step2: And when the user types the same URL with different parameter another page is to be displayed but the application takes the user to previous view of the application(which ever page is last accessed)

If cache is cleared after step1 then everything works as expected or even if the URL is typed in another browser it works fine.

Could some one help me to resolve this issue so that different pages can be displayed when different URLs are typed in tabs of the same browser.


You have to implement multiple window support for the application see e.g.
Book of Vaadin chapter 11.2
. For handling URI parameters you have to implement com.vaadin.terminal.ParameterHandler see
Book of Vaadin chapter 11.5.2

I hope this helps you to get started.