URGENT: JBoss JAAS Vaadin Touchkit...

Thanks in advance to all of you for any pointers!!!

I have a JEE Server ( I use JBoss 6.x as my JEE Container). My stateless session beans are protected by JAAS (DatabaseLoginModule). I have a standalone console application to test that layer for authentication and authorization. It works very nicely (EJB Client to EJB Server)

I have written a test client using Vaadin Touchkit and deployed. The UI works like a charm in JBoss container. I am trying to interface with JEE Server Layer by utilizing some of JAAS Client code from my standalone Java client and it doesn’t work. Even the proper authentication credentials are being rejected by JEE Layer as “Caller not authorized”.

Actually after Vaadin app is done accessing JEE server even my standalone client stops working - the only remedy is to restart the server. This tells me that AOP Interceptors or something is being messed up and not intercepting the right Security Login Module.

Is there a difference to Vaadin interfacing to JAAS securityDomain of JEE server as opposed to a Java Standalone JEE Client? I am having hard time thinking Vaadin App as a Servlet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If this doesn’t work as expected then we may have to use some other means of developing the UI. I am basically stuck with this for a few days now.

Thank you so much


Is this Forum active? Are there people actively using Vaadin with JEE ???

Plenty of people do, of course. But JBoss with JAAS is not as likely.

One sentence is puzzling: “JAAS Client code from my standalone Java client” – in a JEE setting, things aren’t quite the same because the container wants to run the show. Grey-haired suggestion: why don’t you take Vaadin out of the equation: do the simplest possible servlet (no vaadin) to call your back-end. I suspect you will find that what works in a stand-alone client doesn’t work in your server-managed JEE context. i.e. I suspect your simple servlet won’t work either.