Urgent:About Session

when ever i am not using the apllication for 5min it is showing in red color
Seesion is Expired.click here etc…
It is coming vert frequently.
how to overcome this problem

I think the session timeout has to be configured individually for your servlet-container. Just look up the manual for it. Otherwise there is an add-on here called SessionGuard. Give it a try, perhaps it helps you!

Hi Vamshi,

Marc is right, check your web.xml and change your session-timeout (or add it if you don’t have it configured), in other case the session timeout would be the container configured.

The web.xml should look like:

<web-app id="WebApp_ID">
    <display-name>Vaadin Application</display-name>
    <!-- ApplicationServlet from Vaadin jar will respond to requests. -->
        <!-- Define our application class for servlet. -->
    <!-- Make the servlet respond to all requests. -->
    <!-- session config -->



Hi Javier and Marc

I changed the session time also.It is not working.

Thanks& regards