Upload & Spring

I have an application that uses both Vaadin w/ spring integration and spring mvc mapped to another servlet path.

I have upload capabilities in both the Vaadin part of the application and the spring mvc part of the application.

The problem is that if I enable typical spring multi-part request handling through a multipart resolver, uploads no longer work in Vaadin.

In com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.AbstractCommunicationManager the UploadItemIterator turns out to be empty and I can’t dig into the explanation why because the source code is not included in the jar or on the website - seems strange for an open source project.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Any suggestions?

I cannot answer directly concerning your problem, but the upload source code is available.

The Upload and VUpload classes are in their usual locations, as well as UploadIFrameOnLoadStrategy and UploadIFrameOnLoadStrategyIE in the latest versions, and their sources should be in the JAR.

For the rest of the upload related code (derived from Apache Commons): if it is not in the JAR, you can find it in
and it if I remember correctly, it should also be included in the ZIP upload package on the
download page

Thanks, I was looking in the wrong SVN directories.

I figured it out. It was something very simple. The multipart resolver was put in a global spring config file instead of one specific to the servlet. Once I moved it, everything worked perfectly.