Upload - spring boot security doesn't work

Hi all,
I have an issue here. We use the Upload component in our Vaadin 14/Spring boot 2 application. When we use the upload component in succeeded listener the authentication doesn’t work. There is no authentication in SecurityContext (spring security) any more. It works in other components and everywhere else but not for the succeed callback. I am not sure why the Upload callback looses it’s context. Could you please help me?

Thank you

Hi all,
what I found out is that everything within SucceededListener of upload component is in different thread than the UI itself (the thread with security etc.). It causes the “lost” of the security context. I can pass the security from the original UI thread, but it’s ugly approach I think. Shouldn’t the listeners thread be the same? Thx J.

Hi all,
I found out what was the problem. It was misplaced /VAADIN/** path in security config. Security is ok now.

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