Upgrading from 1.x to 2.0.2 Cannot run program "./mvnw" (in directory "/Users/<users>/repos/<repo>

Hi again! I’ve been trying to get my project migrated over to 2.0.2 from ~1.3.6. I’ve been having mixed success, I develop on both a Windows 10 desktop and a MacBook both using Intellij. For some reason on my desktop the project compiles fine using the spring startup type, but I run into issues on the mac with permission issues on the mvnw file. Caused by: java.io.IOException: error=13, Permission denied plagues the console after building

I’ve tried building from CLI, vscode as well and have had no luck. I have also tried copying the files from a new 2.0.2 hilla project and still have the same issues.

Please let me know if I can provide any more logs/traces to help out.

Did you tried to assign execution permission to mvnw?
chmod +x ./mvnw

Yeah, tried that on mac but the git changes always wanted to revert

Trying it on a linux box currently, one sec

Can you share the full log with us?

was hoping to just validate a build on gitlab, but uhhh that doesn’t seem possible today…

yeah one sec

Doesn’t it work if you apply the permission locally and then push the change to the remote repo?

mac seemed to just want to revert it each time once the file was messed with after a chmod +x. Trying to change it on a linux machine and then pull it down and see how it goes

build passed on linux machine, it must be a local environment thing on my mac.

sorry for the trouble

weird that it happened after the 2.0.2 upgrade though

If I recall correctly 1.x did not used mvnw internally

does 2.x?

after pulling the chmod +x fix from linux->mac now getting this
message.txt (7.38 KB)

but that may just be a local environment thing as it now builds on 2 machines just fine.

different question for you guys if you have a minute, is there any plans on implementing any other HTTP verbs other than POST into the endpoint annotations? would help for API readability but understand there would be some work on the generator side

I don’t think there are any plans. But let’s wait an answer from someone from the Hilla team

hi, seems that it attempted to run ./mvnw hilla:configure and failed, but it’s not clear why