Upgrading a project in Eclipse with a new version of Vaadin

I’m planning on using the new heirarchical grid feature that should come with Vaadin 7.5, but I’d like to go ahead and begin work on the big project I need to port from Java Swing while I have Vaadin 7.4.2 installed. Once 7.5 is released, then, I need to upgrade my project to use the updated stuff from the plugin. How do I go about making sure that my project will be able to use the 7.5 features if it was created initially with the 7.4.2 plugin?

You don’t actually have to do anything special, just update the Vaadin version in your ivy configurations, it will automatically download the newest version, recompile and clean your project and then you should be all set to go. Sometimes, Eclipse might behave a little bit buggy, so you might need to right-click on the project and manually select Ivy > Resolve.

I’m a newb to Ivy, as well. Thus, I do not know how to do what you just said. I am only familiar with telling Eclipse to update via its Help menu.

Open up the ivy.xml file, the Vaadin version being used is defined at the top of the file, just modify this line

<!ENTITY vaadin.version "7.4.2">

Wow, that’s it? Okay, not as difficult as I was expecting. Thanks, @Kim!