Upgrade vaadin 14.7.2 to 14.8.4 or 14.9.2

Hi, I’m trying to upgrade my vaadin 14.7.2 version to 14.8.4 or 14.9.2, I’m using spring 2.5.14 version but when I start the application I get an error like: nested exception is java. lang.NoSuchMethodError: ‘org.jsoup.nodes.Element org.jsoup.nodes.Element.traverse(org.jsoup.select.NodeVisitor)’’
Can anyone give me some advice?

Your jsoup version is outdated

I don’t make any references to jsoup dependencies in my poms. Can you recommend a compatible version?

The latest :slightly_smiling_face:

I did: [
] but I keep having the same problem

Sounds like you have check what artefact has a problem. Could be possible that an addon is not compatible

The addon who create the problem is Breadcrumb Component of vaadin component factory