Upgrade suggestion for those on framework 7.5.2?

Good day,

We have an important intranet app on Vaadin 7.5.2. It’s gone through so many update feature set sprints I don’t count - over 30…

This thing still uses Containers/Items/Properties.

I want to move from Vaadin 7.5.2, but the question is … to what?

Vaadin 8? Flow?

I’m in the process of transforming a Vaadin 7 OSGi application to become a Vaadin 8 OSGi application.

The work in progress can be seen on this git branch:

The process has been complicated by:

  1. I was using TouchKit (which wasn’t supported in the v7 compatibility classes)
  2. I was using OSGi (which was mainly a problem with TouchKit)

The steps to follow are:

  1. First just get the application to compile using the v7 compatibility classes
  2. Then go through each View and/or UI and replace the v7 widgets with their v8 equivalent (I just remove the import statement and let the IDE import the other one), one widget at a time, and at the same time switch the data bindings:
    • BeanItemContainer is replaced with ListDataProvider. See [this forum reply]
    • Replace the ObjectProperty<> that back the fields of a form with a bean that is the storage and a Binder, and bind the Binder<> to the fields