upgrade issues


im running lifray 6.0.6 and vadin 6.8.5 and the plugin to handle upgrading and compiling vaadin. I have a strange issue with an application im writing and to make sure its not a vaadin version issue Im trying to upgrade to 6.8.11 - the latest version the vaadin controlpanel for liferay suggests.

BUT - after upgrading a lot of my liferay/vaadin modules do no longer work. Is there some change I need to be aware of between the versions in question?

Nothing that I’m aware of between those two. If you have client side code you have to recompile the widgetset. Test also other versions between these two. 6.0 and 6.8 are very far from each others so it would be good to know if for example 6.2, 6.4 etc works or not.

If no version change works then it is probably some configuration version. If you find a version that works but the next doesn’t, then you can have a look at the release notes for that version to give you a clue.

Stacktraces also help.

As the message in the control panel indicates when upgrading Vaadin, you also need to redeploy your portlets (in addition to recompiling the widgetset, which you might have done in the control panel). This is because Liferay copies the old version of the Vaadin JAR (as well as any other libraries) to the webapps directory at deployment time, so just having an updated version of the JAR in the shared library directory isn’t enough.

If that does not help, please provide details about how some of your portlets “do not work” - otherwise it is quite impossible to try to guess what goes wrong.