Upgrade from beta9 to rc2

After upgrading from beta9 to rc2 I get

(TypeError) : undefined is not an object (evaluating 'h.c')

How can I track down this issue?

Is that a Platform upgrade or just a Flow upgrade? If it’s just a Flow upgrade, please verify that both flow-server and flow-client were upgraded to the same version. You can check with mvn dependency:tree.

Both the flow-server and the flow-client are version 1.0.0.rc2

The error occurs only on one of three views, so it might be related to the components used there. Unfortunately the error message doesn’t explain much. How can I find out whats wrong?

It is possible that the components are not compatible with that version of Flow. The recommended practice is to use the vaadin dependency and vaadin-bom for resolutions. May I see the relevant parts of your POM file?

There are a few changes from beta to rc. I’d recommend, you download the Vaadin Flow Starter (either spring or non spring) and copy the pom.xml from there. Thats at least what i did.

With the version 10.0.1 it works again :slight_smile: