Updating Vaadin version in Eclipse

I hope this is a simple question - I have Vaadin 6.5.7 installed with Eclipse and I would like to upgrade to v6.6.0. I did an upgrade to Eclipse but that does not seem to have made any change - when I create a new Vaadin project, the only choice I have is 6.5.7.

So, 2 questions:

  1. How do I force Eclipse to recognize a new Vaadin jar file?

  2. What is the correct way to upgrade an existing project that uses an older version of Vaadin so that it includes a newer version? Do I just remove the jar file from the libraries and copy in the new version?



See the image here (the second one down the page)
. Click the last button in the window called “Download…”, next to the “Vaadin version” dropdown. Click that and you can download new Vaadin Framework version to your Eclipse.

For old projects, check the project Properties → Vaadin, there you can use the similar dropdown menu to change the Vaadin version.

To add to what Jouni wrote, Vaadin 6.6 uses GWT 2.3 which introduced some additional dependencies to download etc. Therefore, when upgrading to Vaadin 6.6,
make sure you first upgrade the Eclipse plugin first

If you have alreadychanged the Vaadin version to 6.6 with the Eclipse plugin without having a very recent version of it, downgrade Vaadin in the project to 6.5.x and then re-upgrade it to Vaadin 6.6 - this might help to install the remaining classpath dependencies.

Thanks for the info. I did an update to Eclipse, which found no updates, so I’m assuming I have the latest plugin… And I was able to download Vaadin 6.6.0 as per the instructions you gave me. Much obliged…


I’m using Eclipse 3.7 and I created a “Liferay Project” with Vaadin portlets (version 6.4.10)
In my project Properties → Vaadin, the dropdown menu and the download button are disabled.

Could you help me?

When using a “Liferay project”, you should upgrade Vaadin on the Liferay portal instead of your project.
You can use
Vaadin Control Panel for Liferay
to perform the upgrade, including updating standard themes and recompiling the portal level widgetset.

I created a v7.4 project last month and today I wanted to upgrade it to v7.5 yet the Properties->Vaadin option is disabled.
I checked the vaadin eclipse plugin (it’s the most recent) but the version in my ivy.xml is still 7.4

When I created a new v7.5 project it built successfully, with the latest version number in the ivy.xml file yet I was still not able to modify the version number from the project Properties

Is there another way to update my older project with the newst vaadin jars -automatically-?

any suugesstions?


You can change change the version directly in the ivy.xml file :


<!DOCTYPE ivy-module [

[/code]The project Vaadin properties will be updated automatically.

Dynamic updates can be triggered using a revision status :


<!DOCTYPE ivy-module [

[/code]However, no distinction seems to exist for Vaadin release, milestone or integration, all currently resolve to the same alpha version:
latest.release : 7.6.0.alpha2
latest.milestone : 7.6.0.alpha2
latest.integration : 7.6.0.alpha2

If you want a dynamic update of the subversion within a major release, you could do as follows:

<!DOCTYPE ivy-module [
    <!ENTITY vaadin.version "7.5.+">

see also :


thx Koenraad, it worked!