Update Vaadin 8 Grid Row

Hi all

We use component renderer in grid columns with Vaadin 8Beta using

hostGrid.addComponentColumn(model ->
HorizontalLayout layout = new HorizontalLayout();
Button button = new Button(VaadinIcons.STOP_COG)
return layout

We also use grid.setItems(List) to populate the grid. When the row model is change, we would like to change the image of the button for the above column and also the data in the raw? How is it possible? We did not able to find any method for this

Help is appreciated

The only way is to use grid.setItems(List updated models).
But for only one row model update, do we need to update all grid with such method?

Is there any answer for this?

Use can use grid.refreshItem(item) but becareful of equal method on item class: it should exaclty match the row item in the grid.

I’m not quite sure if I’m following this correctly, but can’t you just use grid.getDataProvider().refreshAll(); ?