Update UI after receiving data from stream flux (WebFlux)


I am using Vaadin with Spring Boot WebFlux.

The problem is that the UI does not refresh the page after receiving data from the flux stream (TEXT_EVENT_STREAM).

My view class has the annotation @Push(PushMode.MANUAL). I tried @Push only too but did not work either.
The weird thing is that the System.out.println() prints the data as expected but to be able to read the new messages on UI I have to click to buttons on my UI then the messages are shown. But that is not what I want. It should refresh automatically, not after clicking some buttons. Could someone help me please?

		UserWebClient messageStream = new UserWebClient();
		messageStream.resultF().subscribe(res -> {
			getUI().get().access(() -> {
				verticalLayout.add(new Paragraph((res.getSender().getFirstName() + ": " + res.getContent())));