Update table cell using server push in vaadin 7.1.0 beta

I am working with vaadin table and update the table cell by using server push available in vaadin 7.1.0.

Is there any possibility to change the data in particular cell using server push without refreshing the entire table?

I think that the table will be refreshed for every update.


The Table component does send the visible buffer to the client on every update.

This is clearly suboptimal in many situations after the initial rendering and is one of the many things we would like to address in an extensive rework of the Table component, but at the moment there is no timetable on when that would be available.

This is definitely something that is desired (partial update/refresh) on larger tables/container implementations. Been waiting for the server push and the table rewrite for exactly this reason!!

Thanks for your answer.
Is there any work around available to achieve this cell update without table refreshing?