"undo" setExpandRatio(c , r) ?


we have the following layout:

VerticalLayout containing:

->Toprow (Like menubar, navigation etc)
→ Panel with setExpandRatio(Panel, 1) , since this can exceed window height

That works fine, the panel grows/shrinks with the window
But in the next step of your application we add a table to the VerticalLayout and hide many of the items in Panel.

We now wish to have the Panel to only take up as much height as required and give all other available height to the Table.

So we finally have:

VerticalLayout containing:

->Toprow (Like menubar, navigation etc)
→ Panel with only a few components, should only take as much height as needed
→ Table should expand to the rest of the available height

When we now setExpandRatio(table, 9),
then the Panel will take 10% of the height and the table the remaining 90%.

How can I “undo” the effect of the very first setExpandRatio(Panel, 1), without removing/readding the component ?

Or is there another way to do this ?


setExpandRatio(Panel, 0)


I think I tried with that one, but it did not work.
Looks like I had to set the height to 100% again after changing the expand ratio for the remaining component.