Uncaught client side exception - push with debug on?

Are there any limitations to debugging a Vaadin project when using PUSH?

After upgrading to 7.6.0 we started experiencing the following, but only when the debugger (?debug) is turned on.

Uncaught client side exception
(TypeError) : Cannot read property 'destroy' of undefinedcom.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException : (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'destroy' of undefined
at Unknown.qBb(.....WidgetSet-0.js)
at Unknown.LBb(.....WidgetSet-0.js)
at Unknown.Zi(.....WidgetSet-0.js)
at Unknown.Qi(.....WidgetSet-0.js)
at Unknown.yi(.....WidgetSet-0.js)
at Unknown.eval(.....WidgetSet-0.js)
at Unknown._f(http://[domain.address]
at Unknown._invokeFunction(http://[domain.address]
at Unknown._invokeCallback(http://[domain.address]
at Unknown._websocket.onmessage(http://[domain.address]

The exception messages is only shown when you use ?debug, otherwise it just goes into the browser console.

Is it related to push in any other way than that the message from the server comes through a websocket channel, as shown by the stacktrace? It looks pretty much like a NullPointerException on the client side.

What are you doing when the exception appears? Can you reproduce it somehow outside the project?

Is this related to Grid and a JavascriptRenderer somehow? (it’s the only place in the code where I can see this happening, after looking for 10 seconds)

I had a VerticalLayout inside of a Panel.

The VerticalLayout had a vl.setFullSize() called. Once I removed that call it went away. :slight_smile: