Unable to see my addon


I have developped an addon called ItemLayout, it is available in the addon directory but I cannot see it in “My Add-ons” page, so I am unable to update it. FYI I was able to do it with previous directory pages.

How can I get it back?

Thank you


looks like you have registered to vaadin.com with two separate user accounts. The account you just posted the question with does not have any add-ons in the Directory. Your other user account is the author of ItemLayout.

I will not post any details of your accounts here publicly, but if you have forgotten the e-mail address of your other user account, you can contact me at teemu@vaadin.com


Right!!! I posted the addon with my work account instead of personal one.

Can I change the owner of ItemLayout?

Thank you!

You cannot do that yourself, but I just switched the ownership of ItemLayout to your personal account.

I still can update ItemLayout from this account and not from the personal account (**@gmail)

Some caching might be affecting the change here. Please try again with your gmail.com account in a couple of minutes.

It’s ok now, thank you for your time!